Joanna Gaines is My Spirit Animal

There’s so many reasons to love the HGTV interior design star, Joanna Gaines, but my absolute newest favorite thing about her is her new cookbook, Magnolia Table.

Let’s face it, I’ve purchased just about every cookbook from all the celebrity blog and television stars out there, because um, why not? But this one truly is wonderful.

Not only is this book well written, but the design and layout are extremely pleasing to the eye as well. The best thing about this book though? The recipes!

Almost all the recipes in this book are down to earth, heart warming and easy to follow. However, there’s a couple recipes sprinkled here and there that will make you feel like a master head chef.

Bottom line? Take the risk and add this one to your collection. You won’t regret it.

Stay tuned for a little sneak peek by checking out my recipe box for a couple of her delightfully delicious, belly filling recipes.

❤️ nae



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