Kids + Travel = Lame?

I don’t know about your kids but mine absolutely don’t like traveling.


At present time, we live in Europe. 😍

We take on so many opportunities to travel and each time these babies of mine complain.


Yes, I said COMPLAIN.

How wild is that?

Here’s a typical conversation in our home.


me: “okay, guys! we’ve just booked a hotel at DISNEYLAND PARIS! woo hoo!”

child 1: “do we have to go?”

child 2: “yeah! do we HAVE to go?!”

me: “are you legit begging NOT to go to PARIS?”

child 1,2, &3: “YES!!”

me: “but it’s so much fun! and it’s such an opportunity!”

child 2&3: “we just want to stay home and play xbox”

me: “XBOX!?” “seriously!”

child 1,2,&3: “YES!”

me: “ugh, lame-o’s” “never wanna go no wheres” “UGH!”

child 2: “so do we HAVE to go????”

me: “um, YES. now shush your face and go pack. you’re going to DISNEYLAND and you’re gonna have FUN and you’re gonna LOVE it!”

child 1,2,&3: “uuuggghhhhh when do we come back???”

me: 😑


I wonder at what age these babies will realize how much of a wonderful opportunity this is? We tell them all the time but it’s just not sinking in. The funny thing is, they always whine about packing and going and they ALWAYS have a great time and thank us for taking them once we get back home.


Whether they realize it or not, they love our little adventures (and I love my little adventurers). ❤


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